Travels through Northern Ireland


My name is Noreen Leahy (@n_leahy). I have lived in Venezuela, Mexico, Ecuador, Kuwait, India and the United States by virtue of my parent’s profession – international teachers.

I graduated Northeastern University in May 2013. During my time at Northeastern I have served as the Host Committee Co-Chair for the Millennium Campus Conference, President of the International Relations Council, President of the NU Political Review, and President of the NU Concert Band. I also published several articles with the NU Political Review.

Also while at Northeastern I had the chance to work with the New England Aquarium, the Boston Children’s Museum, the Northern Ireland Council on Ethnic Minorities,  the Office of Attorney General Martha Coakley and the Interagency Human Trafficking Task Force, the Museum of Fine Arts, and the Millennium Campus Network.

This blog is an archived account of my travels with Northeastern University during the summer of 2011. The trip explored conflict and conflict transformation through examining history, culture, politics and human rights in Northern Ireland.


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